Top 7 Friendliest Rabbit Breeds (with Pictures)

Many would say that the rabbit is one of the best companions for humankind, second perhaps only to dogs. If you have never been in the company of these beautiful creatures, you will think this statement is an exaggeration. But if you have, you will think otherwise.

Rabbits are lovely creatures, friendly and accommodating, and they make an excellent companion. But not all rabbits are domestic animals. Some prefer to live in the wild, raising their families and fending for themselves.

Therefore, if you are looking for a rabbit to add to your family, you must familiarize yourself with the top friendliest rabbit breeds. These species of rabbits are not just nice and cute; they are smart and will be a great addition to your home.

Signs of Friendliness in Rabbits

Signs of Friendliness in Rabbits

Below are some of the friendly characteristics a rabbit exhibits.

They Love Circling Your Feet: One of the ways rabbits show affection is by circling their owners’ feet. They usually do this when they want to welcome you home. It shows they have missed you and are happy to have you back. Rabbits also playfully circle your feet when you have something they want.

They are Constantly Binkying: Binkying is a rabbit’s universal love language. When a rabbit binkies, it throws itself in the air and funnily twists its ear. When your rabbit does this, it is trying to show excitement, and you can reciprocate by mimicking this movement too. Rabbits often do this when they leave their cage to play.

Softness When Petted: Rabbits always want to be petted; they grow soft when you give them that back rub. But the thing with rabbits is that they would never allow you to come too close if they do not trust you. However, if they grow to trust you, they will always come close to you, asking to be touched.

Enjoy Grooming: A common trait among rabbits is that they love grooming themselves. And when they extend such a gesture towards you, they accept you as part of their family. If a rabbit starts licking your foot or clothes, they try to clean you up because they care about you.

Love Eating their Food: Rabbits particularly love food, and they look forward to each meal. They get all excited when you offer them their favorite vegetables. If you look closely enough, you might see them smiling as they munch on their food. If your rabbit refuses food, observe closely. It might be a sign that your rabbit is sick.

Enjoy Lying Close to You: Rabbits love warmth and will only always want to lie close to you. It is also a display of affection and trust. When rabbits lie down, they are vulnerable because they cannot dash off in case of danger. They are equally sensitive creatures and will only lay down next to you if they trust you.

Relaxed Body Language: Typically, when rabbits are in the company of someone they trust, their body language is relaxed. They lie down with their legs sprawled out because they feel no need to remain alert in the company of people they trust.

Top 7 Friendliest Rabbits Breeds

Some of the top friendliest rabbit breeds in the world include the following.

Mini Lops

Mini Lops

Mini lops are a crossbreed of German Lops vs. Chinchilla rabbits. They are in the category of small rabbit breeds with just a weight of 3 to 6 pounds. They are thick and attractive with a shiny, dense coat. They also come in various colors of plain and broken patterns.

Whatever the mIni lops lack in size, their personality is enough to make up for it. They are friendly and exciting little creatures. And most importantly, they are easy to tame. However, mini lops can be too jittery around rowdy kids. Therefore, they are more suitable for households with older kids.




Rex is a medium-sized breed that weighs between 7 and 10 pounds. This breed originated in France and is famous for its distinct plush coat. Like the mini lops, they come in different plain and broken pattern colors.

Rex is intelligent and gentle, and they get along with other people easily. That is why they are a popular choice among rabbit lovers. They are also highly trainable, but the downside to having this breed as per is that they are a little too demanding, always craving attention.




Himalayan is a special rabbit breed similar to Californian. It is easy to mistake one for the other. The only striking dissimilarity between them is their size. Himalayan species are often smaller, weighing 2.5 – 4.5 pounds.

The color of their fur often varies depending on the temperature of their environment. In a warm climate, a Himalayan will have a light color. Similarly, if you place the same Himalayan in colder weather, its coat color will become darker. Himalayas are gentle creatures, the perfect option for a household pet.


Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly was originally a crossbreed of French Angora vs. Netherland dwarf. They are 3.5 pounds heavy, and they have this distinctive baby face. Jersey Wooly is a high-maintenance breed. They have very long coats; if you ever keep one, you must brush them constantly.

Besides being high maintenance, this rabbit breed is everything you could ask for in a pet. They are gentle and friendly. If you need a playmate for your kids or a companion for your seniors, don’t be afraid to take this one home.



polish rabbit

The Polish breed arrived in the States in 1912. But before then, they were prevalent among pet enthusiasts in Europe. Magicians worldwide use this rabbit breed to perform their little tricks on stage. They are also built tenderly and weigh only 3.5 pounds, sometimes even less.

Polish breeds are very friendly, and they warm up to people easily. However, they are not the pet for you if you have kids at home. The tiny nature of this Polish breed makes it difficult for kids to carry them. And even when they do, the rabbits are at risk of falls and severe injuries.



Chinchilla rabbit

The moment Chinchillas arrived in the States, they became everybody’s favorite. One primary reason they became trendy then was their delightful temperament. They get along with everyone they come in contact with, even strangers.

Another reason for their popularity is that Chinchillas have the curiosity of a cat. They are brilliant and want to be involved in the owner’s routine. Chinchillas are an excellent pet choice for kids and seniors alike.




The Havana breed was first bred in the Netherlands. Pet enthusiasts then named it “Havana” because it is the same color as Havana cigars. They are beautiful with a calm personality, and these features make them an excellent choice for many households.

Havanas are less energetic than several other rabbit breeds. They are calm, and you will hardly see them running aimlessly like most rabbits. If you are looking for a rabbit for an older person, you should go with Havana.

How to Love Your Friendly Rabbit

Rabbits are not just friendly animals; they are sensitive. If you love them right, be sure they will make you happy. Below are helpful tips on how to love your rabbit.

  • Handle Them With Care: There is no better way to express your love for these bunnies than by caring for them. Rabbits are delicate, and you need to treat them as such. Clean them up regularly, feed them properly, carry them gently, and provide medical attention whenever they fall sick.
  • Don’t Carry them By the Ears: Carrying your rabbit by the ear is a big No. It might look cute and fun, but you are harming them. Instead of lifting them by their ear, do it gently with both hands and let them feel your warmth.
  • Pair them with another Rabbit: Rabbits are not one to stay in solitude. They enjoy family company and always want to do things together. So if you’re going to love your rabbit correctly, get them a companion. Having another rabbit around makes them feel happier and less lonely.
  • Cuddle Often: Rabbits love cuddling. They always want to feel the warmth of your skin. And they reciprocate by purring or nudging closer to you whenever you do. Cuddling strengthens the relationship between an owner and the pet. If you keep doing this, the rabbit will learn to sit on your lap whenever it wants cuddling.
  • Give them Room to Play: Allow your rabbits to play because playing improves their physical and mental health. Keeping rabbits as pets doesn’t mean you should always lock them up. Allow them to play around. You should also provide them with play with items such as balls and puzzles to make their playtime more enjoyable.


In all, rabbits are amazing little creatures.  They are cute, friendly, and intelligent. If you’re looking for the top 7 friendliest rabbit breeds, especially as a family pet, you have several options on this list.

But you must remember that friendly rabbits are very sensitive. They demand utmost care and attention.

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