How to Keep Rabbits Water from Freezing?

During the months before winter, most rabbit owners already prepare everything they need for the cold weather. The most common problem they encounter is freezing rabbit water, which cuts off the water supply for their pets. Read this article to find out how to keep rabbits’ water from freezing.

Why is it dangerous?

freeze proof rabbit water system

During the cold winter months, freezing water will be a common problem for you and your rabbit. However, some people may not realize how bad it can affect you, especially your rabbit. This section will explain to you why it is dangerous and how it can affect your rabbit.

Essentially, if your rabbit’s water freezes, they won’t be able to drink water. Without water, your rabbit will also not eat eventually. Suppose this goes on for quite some time. In that case, your rabbit will have a bigger chance of developing gastrointestinal problems and, in worst cases, death. Taking preventive measures is far better than regretting it down the line.

Another freezing water problem that you should be wary of before the start of winter is a faulty water bottle. If your rabbit’s water bottle malfunctions in the middle of winter, there is a big chance that your rabbit can get wet through it.

Your rabbits will freeze to death in the harsh cold without a proper environment. If you want to avoid these things, check out what you need to do below.

The Water Bottle

insulated rabbit water bottle

Before winter, the first thing that you need to consider is your rabbit’s water bottle. The material and type of water bottle can matter much on how fast your rabbit’s water will freeze. Check out the items below to find out what you need.

Insulated Bottle

The first trick to help prevent the water from freezing fast is insulating the water bottle. It’s a relatively easy thing to do since you can buy a water bottle insulator at your local shops, or you can find DIY solutions.

One easy home trick that you can do is use thick wool socks and wrap them all over the bottle. You may use tapes or rubber bands to keep the socks in place.

You can also cover the bottle with bubble wrap for added insulation before wrapping it with a thick wool sock. If you have more budget to spend, you can also go for a heated water bottle to keep your rabbit’s water warm through the winter.

Take Note of the Spout

Another thing that can help your rabbit’s water freeze less is checking the bottle’s spout type. For rabbit water bottles, there are two different types to choose from.

The first type is a metal spout with a small ball that releases water when your rabbit licks it. It’s not recommended for winter use since the ball can freeze through the metal, so even if you still have unfrozen water in the bottle, your rabbit won’t be able to drink them because the frozen ball has blocked the entry.

The other option is a sippy spout, which may not be a cheap option, but it is better. Water freezes inside a bottle when exposed to air, so the water will freeze from the top while still allowing your rabbits to drink from the bottom.

Warm Water

One of the easiest ways to slow down the freezing of water is to use warm water. In general, they will take more time to freeze. If accompanied with some of the options above, you can ensure that it will definitely last long before they completely freeze.

Rabbit Cage

heated rabbit water bottle

Now that we’ve covered everything about water bottles, it’s about time that we talk about your rabbit’s cage. Proper insulation and environmental factors can also affect how your rabbit’s water freezes. Read down below to find out more about it.

Moving the Cage

When winter is near, it’s about time that you consider moving your rabbit’s cage to a warmer area such as your garage or a small shed. Doing this will keep your rabbits warm and help slow down your water’s freezing. Try to make some space for your rabbit so that you can help keep them and their waters warm at the same time.

Heat Lamp

Another feature you may consider adding to your rabbit’s cage is a heat lamp. It works well during the cold season, and it can effectively keep both your rabbit and their water warm. For this one, there are two options that you can go for.

The first is a DIY light bulb heat lamp, a tremendous cost-cutting solution. However, if you’re not into DIY stuff, you can just buy a heat lamp from your local store and install it easily into your rabbit’s cage.

Insulate the Cage

If you’re planning to keep your rabbit’s cage out during winter, make sure that it’s adequately insulated to slow down the rate at which the water is freezing. The tiniest drop of water, mixed with the cold air and moisture, can get in the way of your rabbit’s health.

One great way to insulate your rabbit’s cage is by placing a plastic sheet. Make sure to secure all sides and leave small gaps on the top for fresh air. You may also check this video for more detailed instructions on insulating your rabbit’s cage.

How to Unfreeze a Rabbit’s Water Bottle

insulated water bottle for rabbits

If you are wondering how you can unfreeze water in your rabbit’s bottle, let me tell you that there are several ways that you can do so. The method varies depending on how frozen the water is and how much water is inside the bottle. Continue reading below to know more about the different techniques.

First on our list of methods is letting it thaw overnight without valuable materials. This involves placing the water bottle in a warmer area in your room and leaving it overnight so that it can thaw by itself. While it takes the most time, it’s one of the easiest and non-destructive ways to soften frozen water in your rabbit’s bottle.

The second method is called clunking. It is a method in which you will be using a hammer to break down the ice into tiny pieces. It’s not that much recommended as a method of unfreezing water since it can cause more damage to the bottle itself than the frozen water inside it. Take note that you need to continuously hammer down on the bottle until the ice is small enough to be removed.

Lastly is the method done with the help of hot water. Generally, you’ll put the bottle itself in a basin of hot water or gently pour hot water over the bottle. This will thaw your rabbit’s water bottle fast and unfreeze the water inside. However, you need to note that leaving it in hot water for quite some time may damage the bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to keep rabbit water from freezing in winter

Now that we’re done with some helpful tips on keeping your rabbits’ water from freezing, we’ll continue with some questions that may be left unanswered in your mind. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions related to our topic.

Can I put toys to keep water from freezing?

Putting toys in water to prevent ice build-ups can only be done if you use a bowl for your rabbit’s water. If so, you can add toys like rubber ducks and ping pong balls to break the ice that slowly forms on top of the water. However, consider that the water might freeze quickly, leaving your toy stuck and frozen on top.

Do rabbits get cold if placed outside?

If you are worried about your rabbit as they withstand the harsh cold at night or during winter, we tell you that it’s all fine. As long as the rabbit’s cage is well insulated and kept clean, your rabbit can thrive and survive even in the coldest weather.

How can I change the water’s freezing point?

In general, water will freeze at 0°C. However, there are some ways to change its freezing point, like adding sugar or glycerin. But be warned that adding anything to your rabbit’s water may not be beneficial for their health and can also pose a threat.

Can a salt bottle help keep water from freezing?

As mentioned before, salt can help lower a water’s freezing point. However, in some cases, several pet owners tried putting a small bottle of salt in a water container to see if it could have the same effect without mixing it with water. As A Result, the saltwater inside the bottle did not freeze at all, while the water in the container was frozen solid.


At this point, you should already know how to keep rabbits’ water from freezing and everything you need to do it. We hope that you were able to learn a lot from this article. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and let them know how they can keep their rabbits’ water from freezing.

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