30 DIY Rabbit Cage Plans – Indoor and Outdoor

Rabbits are one of the best pets that you can have. But as a rabbit owner, you always have to ensure that your pet has the best shelter. We collected 30 DIY rabbit cage plans (indoor and outdoor). These DIY plans are easy and quick to do, even for beginners!

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plan

Cleaning the rabbit’s nest is an easy task with its large access door. This rabbit hutch plan has a higher and lower story so rabbits can keep playing under the heat. The tools and materials required are easy to find. It is also suitable to place outdoor, especially in the garden.


Kid-Friendly Rabbit Hotel

rabbit hutch plans

Heavy cage lids are dangerous to kids. They may get injured after trying to take out the rabbit from the hutch. This kid-friendly rabbit hotel is ideal for families with kids.

It has lids that children can easily slide sideways. You can find a tool list, building instructions, and a supply list to build this cage.


The All Wire Rabbit Cage

The function of this all-wire cage is to maintain cleanliness easily. Plus, it is designed to keep it safe from predators even if you keep your rabbits outdoors.

The wire cage is also durable, making it difficult for the predators to gnaw or chew. The DIY plan demonstrates how to construct these sturdy wire rabbit hutches.


Sectional Rabbit Hutch Plan

outdoor rabbit hutch plans

This plan is made to hold up to five rabbits. If you have more rabbits, this is the hutch suitable for your pets. It has a hutch section four or six feet in size, separating the rabbits from another.

The design is helpful if your rabbits have different breeds and gender. This kind of cage will prevent your rabbits from getting into unexpected breeding.


 The Indoor/Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

In building the cage, you have to drill a hole in the side of the garage. You also need to create a wire cage connecting the inside and outside. It is also divided so that you can place more rabbits.

The roof outside the cage can keep the rabbit safe from predators. Plus, it also protects them from strong wind and cold weather.


 Single or Double Decker Hutch

outdoor rabbit hutch plans for multiple rabbits

If you want to add one or more rabbits, this single or double-decker hutch is functional. It is ideal for rabbit owners who love breeding and selling their pets.

The double-deck cage can accommodate new arrivals. It also helps in maintaining or increasing the number of your rabbits. The plan includes instructions and diagrams.


DIY Bunny Enclosure

This DIY Bunny Enclosure is a solution for rabbit owners who have limited space indoors. You can try this plan if you don’t mind sharing your bedroom space with your furry buddies.

Well, you will have to build the enclosure under your bed. It may be messy for a while, but you will get used to it.


Indoor Rabbits Hutch Plan

diy rabbit hutch plans

An indoor hutch with wheels is convenient if you want to move your rabbits around your home quickly. The cut list is already attached to this plan.

A diagram with dimensions for all sides of this hutch is also included. A complete materials list and step-by-step instructions will guide you through it.


DIY Rabbit Cage With A Gate

You can do this DIY rabbit cage with a gate if you have ample space indoors. The enclosure is wide enough, giving your rabbit ample space to play and exercise.

Although there is no roof, the wall is tall enough to prevent your furry pet from escaping. You can also add more accessories and toys inside the cage.


Two Story Rabbit Hutch Plan

indoor rabbit hutch plans

This hutch is suitable if you want a perfect home for your rabbits. It looks like a beautiful house that is two stories tall. This project may be challenging for beginners because the steps aren’t included.

But if you want to get creative, you can combine some of your ideas with the project.


Rabbit Cage With Breeding Box

You can make this rabbit cage with a breeding box even with basic carpentry skills. The built-in breeding box is helpful for does that are expecting their delivery.

You only have to put some nests. Also, there is a separate space where you can place the foods of the rabbits. It prevents the breeding box from getting untidy and messy.


The Multi Rabbit Hutch

how to build a rabbit hutch step by step with pictures

It is built around a lovely wooden hutch that can house three different rabbits. It will be much easier for the rabbit keeper to have all the rabbits together.

This hutch adds beauty and attraction to your compound, ensuring that no mess is visible. You will also love the beautiful woodwork.


Large Inexpensive Indoor Bunny Cage

If you want a bigger cage for your budget but are tight on a budget, this DIY plan is perfect! Instead of making some woodworks, you only need to assemble the square and connectors to make the pen.

A yoga mat is also necessary to keep your floor tidy from the rabbit’s poop and mess.


Pallet Rabbit Hutch

a frame rabbit hutch plans free

This pallet rabbit hunch is built to keep predators away. The pallet is a long-lasting material that you can depend on. If you want to make this plan but you are out of cash, don’t worry!

You can recycle some of your old, unused wood. This plan includes diagrams, a step-by-step guide, photos, and a list of supplies and tools.


Building A Rabbit Hutch with No Building Experience

This project is recommended for rabbit owners who don’t have building experience. You can also use old woods to save money. For this plan, you will only spend about $85.

Budget-friendly, right? Assembling the woods for the cage is also pretty straightforward. But a helping hand can make you finish the project immediately. You can house at least three to four rabbits.


The A-Frame Hutch

rabbit cage plans free

This design is one of a kind, predator-proof rabbit cage. It is equipped with legs to protect the rabbits. It includes an A-Frame building and a rabbit hole as well.

The hutch has a large opening, making it easy to clean and maintain the cage. This plan includes a detailed method to follow and a list of materials and tools needed.


Hanging Rabbit Cage Rack

This DIY plan is suitable for breeders with large spaces in their backyards. By keeping the rabbit up the ground, they are safer from predators.

Aside from that, it is easier to clean since their mess can be easily washed away. It also looks organized, primarily if you breed rabbits for meat production.


The Indoor Rabbit Cage

diy rabbit hutch plans free

If you have a rabbit at home, you want to keep it safe and secure, even if it’s inside your house. This indoor rabbit cage can be used anywhere inside your house.

It’s designed to accommodate several rabbits. With its lovely interior, your rabbit will love it. Maintaining and cleaning the cage is incredibly easy.


Three Tier Rabbit Cage System

This cage system will help you save more space outdoors. Its design is suitable for rabbit owners who breed rabbits for meat production. The cages are not too high, giving you access to the top pens without a ladder. Aside from that, you can add more enclosures if you have to.


The PVC Single Hutch

bunny hutch plans

This project uses wood to build the frame, the legs, and the rabbit hole. A PVC pipe is used to finish out the frame on top. The open spaces, on the other hand, are with wire.

This is an ideal cage when you are keeping the rabbits outdoors. With the materials used, you can save a lot. There is a step-by-step guide to help you build this hutch.


DIY Bunny Cage for less than $50

Fortunately, you can build a DIY cage without spending a lot. Through this project, you can create a shelter for your rabbit for less than $50.

But you have to spend some time on woodworks since there are many assembling and cutting. But if you don’t mind, you can execute this DIY plan.


The Dresser Hutch

rabbit hutch blueprints

If you have an old dresser, you can use it to make a rabbit cage. With this project, you won’t have to spend money.

You only remove the dresser’s door and turn the whole thing into a multi-housing hutch. It can house up to six rabbits. Since dressers have a couple of doors, you won’t have to buy some wood to make one.


DIY Rabbit Condo

This DIY rabbit condo has a lot of space where your furry friend can enjoy and play. Besides its spacious area, the cage is also easy to do.

You will only have to assemble the square and connectors to make the cage. It can house two to three rabbits. Of course, adding more cages is also viable.


A Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

rabbit hutch designs

This hutch is made to protect the rabbits from predators. Also, if you want to clean and maintain the cage easily, this project is for you.

Large doors in your bunny hutches are also essential because they make your rabbit easy to catch. Building this hatch helps in keeping the rabbits clean and healthy.


Rabbit Cage with Tunnel System

One word can describe this project: fun! If you want to keep your bunnies happy, you should try building them this rabbit cage with a tunnel system.

It is also safer and cleaner since you won’t have to let them roam around your house during playtime. However, this project will require a lot of space indoors. Therefore, an empty room is a suitable place to build the cage.


The Rabbit Tractor

diy indoor rabbit hutch


It makes it easier for rabbits to move around that is why it is called a tractor. The rabbits can go below to enjoy the presence of the grass under their feet.

They can also head to the top using the ramp to rest, eat, play, or exercise. If you are looking for a smaller but convenient hutch, this is what you’re looking for. [26 Great DIY Rabbit Tractor Plans to Try Out This Weekend]


Rabbit Cage Made from Iron and Iron Net

Building an iron and iron net cage is an excellent option to make your rabbit safer from predators. However, this project is only suitable for those who know how to weld.

It also takes a lot of time and effort. But the end product is worth it! You can also save money by using old iron and iron nets. Moreover, this cage can last for a long time.


Basic Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

outdoor rabbit hutch diy

If you notice your rabbit loves its privacy, this outdoor rabbit hunch will make your pet happy. It includes a covered area where the door is located.

This is where your rabbit can have its privacy, especially if it wants to rest or is giving birth. In addition, it has a wired section where the rabbit can freely stretch out, enjoy and relax.


DIY Outdoor Rabbit Run (Garden Enclosure for Exercise)

Using stud work timber and welded wire mesh, you can make a DIY outdoor rabbit run. It can give your rabbit a good run while it is outdoor.

The panels are also joined by hinges so that you can store the cage during winter. In addition, you can paint the hunch so that the wood may last longer.


The Double Door Rabbit Hutch

how to build a rabbit hutch out of pallets

This rabbit hutch provides a lot of living space, a nesting box, and even a window. This is a very comfortable hutch. You can quickly look in on their nesting box, especially after your rabbit has given birth.

It also has double doors, making it easier for the rabbits to roam around. When the two doors are open, you can clean the hutch easily.



The objective of rabbit hutch plans is to guide you in building the hutches you prefer for your rabbits. Some of the variety of pens include single, multiple, and double hutches.

Picking from the 30 DIY rabbit cage plans (indoor and outdoor) will help you provide shelter for your pet.

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