26 Fun and Easy DIY Rabbit Feeders to Make Over the Weekend

Knowing what makes up a good rabbit diet is essential to having one happy and healthy rabbit on your hands. After that, though, you might start wondering where the little critter would eat. Well, we could help you and your furry friend with that! Today, let us show you 26 DIY rabbit feeder plans. As you can see, we have a lot to go through, so without further ado, let us go!

1. Simply Easy DIY

diy rabbit hay feeder

Let us start with this feeder from Simply Easy DIY.

If you are looking for a feeder that will hold hay and pellets, this feeder might be for you. If you have a knack for woodwork, this one should be easy-peasy. If not, well, you do not have to worry. We still have tons of other options for you!


2. Timothy DC

On the other hand, you might want to use PVCs instead? If that is the case, then you might want to check out this automatic rabbit feeder by Timothy DC. It is not only pretty doable, but it does a pretty good job at keeping your rabbits fed. Of course, given that you do not forget to stock up the feeder!

Still not up your alley?



3. Homestead Lifestyle

diy hay feeder for rabbits

Do you have any tin cans? Well, do not throw them out just yet. Maybe we can interest you in turning them into rabbit feeders!

This rabbit feeder by Homestead Lifestyle makes use of tin cans. You might want to be careful because they could be sharp, but this feeder is one of the most doable ones on this list!


4. The Madd Rabbit Tree

Okay, maybe you have thrown all your tin cans away. Do you have some bottles lying around then? If so, you might want to gather those bottles up and turn them into rabbit feeders.

If you are not good with tools, then this one might be for you. It probably is the most doable feeder to make on this list!


5. Instructables Living

homemade diy rabbit hay feeder

On the other hand, maybe you are looking for something a little fancier? In that case, this rabbit feeder by Instructables Living might be for you. This feeder is not great for domestic rabbits only, though. If you find your yard with wild rabbits and have no problem with their visits, you might want to make this feeder for them too!


6. The Expert Amateur

Are you looking for something that will not eat up space in your rabbit’s cage or hutch? This rabbit feeder by The Expert Amateur might tickle your fancy then. It is a simple feeder, but it does its job of feeding the rabbits excellently! If that has not sold you to it yet, it might be good to mention that it also allows easy refills.


7. Rabbitmatters.com

rabbit hay feeder diy

Here is another nifty rabbit feeder you might want to make!

This rabbit feeder by rabbitmatters.com is made up of plastic jars. As you can see, the materials for this feeder are quite easy to find. That is not all, though. It is also easy to make. This feeder is another option you want to look into if you are not good with tools.


8. Aggelos SmartWorks

This next feeder might look familiar. If you look at this feeder closely, you can see that it is like our first rabbit feeder. If you liked our first one but do not want to add a hay space, this one might do you better instead. If you have some wood scraps, you might want to try this one out!


9. Skyview Acres

diy hay feeder rabbit

Did you like the tin can rabbit feeder we showed you earlier? If so, you might also like this coffee can rabbit feeder by Skyview Acres. It is a fun project you can do if you like doing crafts and saving! You might want to watch out for the edges, though! Since you will be using cans, they could be sharp.


10. Mario Lewis

On the other hand, we also have another rabbit feeder made from a bottle. Similar to the first bottle rabbit feeder we showed you, this one is pretty easy to do. It is a good option if you are not good with tools. It is also great if you want to do a fun project with your kids.


11. Crafty Not Shifty

diy rabbit feeder

Are you looking for a fun rabbit feeder? Well, this one by Crafty Not Shift might be what you need!

It might be good to note that this feeder might not work in the long run. However, it could be a fun feeder to get your rabbits through the night. If you are having problems with noisy rabbits at night, this feeder might be the solution!


12. The Shop Class

Over here, we have a neat rabbit feeder by The Shop Class. This one is not only a rabbit feeder. It is also a litter box! As you might already know, our furry friends like to eat when doing their business. With that, do you not think that this is a convenient setup?


13. Fantail Valley Homestead

homemade hay racks

On the other hand, you might have heard of J feeders. Well, you do not have to worry. We also have that rabbit feeder on this list. If you are looking for a J feeder, you might want to check out this rabbit feeder by Fantail Valley Homestead. It is easy to do, and it also makes refilling easy!


14. True North Haven

If the PVC rabbit feeder we showed you earlier tickled your fancy, you might want to check this one out too. This rabbit feeder also used PVC, but the whole setup is different. If you have a few rabbits on your hands, this feeder might be better for you and your little ones.


15. Bunny Basics Blog

hay feeder for rabbits diy

Do you want to feed your rabbits fresh green grass, but you do not want your yard ruined? In that case, we might have the answer to that problem. You might want to try this rabbit feeder by Bunny Basics Blog then! It will allow you to feed your rabbit fresh green grass without sacrificing your yard!


16. Victoria Raechel

Still have not found the rabbit feeder for you and your rabbits? Well, you might want to check this one out by Victoria Raechel!

This rabbit feeder is another one you want to check out if you are not that good with tools. It is not only easy to make, but as you can see, it is also a unique option!


17. BHA Rabbit

homemade rabbit hay rack

Here is another feeder that might tickle your fancy. If you want a simple feeder that will hold your rabbit’s hay, this one by BHA Rabbit might be for you! It is a rack for your rabbit’s hay. It is simple and easy to do. So, if you have some scrap wires lying around, you might want to look into this project!


18. thekiwigarage

If you are looking for something a little more advanced, you might want to look at this feeder by thekiwigarage. If you have breeders on your hands, this is a feeder that might be able to help you. It does require a few pieces, but if you are good with that stuff, it should be easy-peasy!


19. Country Bumpkin Bunnies

homemade diy rabbit feeder

Are your rabbits living in a cage? If so, this feeder by Country Bumpkin Bunnies might be what you and your little critters need. It is easy to do. To add, it will not eat any of your bunnies’ valuable space as well. Additionally, it is also easy to refill!


20. JMC Family Farm

If you are looking for something simple, this rabbit feeder and waterer by JMC Family Farm might be for you and your rabbits. Finding the right things for your little critters could be challenging. Sometimes though, it is the simple options that would help us best!

If this one does not work, do not worry. We have other options for you to try out!


21. Counting Chick’ns

rabbit feeder diy

We have shown you all sorts of rabbit feeders, from hay racks to boxes. Well, that is not all! Over here, we have a rabbit feeder bag!

This rabbit feeder is easy to do, but that is not all it offers. It can also hold tons of hay, making refilling easier. Additionally, it is also easy to move.


22. O’Donnell’s Aussie Homestead

Earlier, we showed you a rabbit feeder that could not only feed your rabbits but also help keep them entertained. Well, we have another fun rabbit feeder to show you!

While the other feeder might not work in the long run, this one could! So, if you want to feed your rabbits and give them a good time, you might want to look into this one.


23. Coding with Bunnies

diy hay rack for rabbits

Do you have some cardboard lying around? If so, then maybe we can interest you in turning them into a rabbit feeder! This feeder is budget-friendly, but it is easy to do too. You will not have trouble if you make a mistake the first time. Since this one uses cardboard, the material is easy to find! This one is great for amateur DIYers.


24. Cochran Creek Farm

Did you like the rabbit feeder box we showed you earlier? Well, you might be happy to know that we have another one! This feeder is pretty cheap, but it gets the job done. It might be the answer to your problems if your rabbit’s hay often gets ruined. We do not want to feed our little furry friends bad hay, after all.


25. The Artisan Life

hay box for rabbit

If you liked the rabbit feeder bag we talked about earlier, you might also like this one! It will not only do its job, but it can do it with style. If you enjoy personalizing things, this might be for you and your furry friends!

If you are not one for sewing, do not worry. We still have one more feeder for you!


26. Breeding Birds

bunny hay box

Are you an animal lover? Do you take care of all sorts of furry and feathery friends? If so, we might have the feeder for you! You might want to take a look at this feeder by Breeding Birds. This feeder is a flexible one. You can use it for your rabbits and other furry and feathery friends! No more worrying about different feeders!

Why Make a Rabbit Feeder?

Before letting you go, let us briefly discuss why you might want to make a rabbit feeder instead of buying one.

The first reason would probably be because it is usually budget-friendly. You can make a rabbit feeder for a dollar. Sometimes if you have scraps, you will not even have to shell out any bucks. Now, compare that to a $20 feeder. So, yes, buying one might save you some time, but it will not save you some bucks. This fact is especially true if you need a few.

However, that is not the only reason. You can say that sometimes, there is no choice but to DIY.

The second reason would probably be because it allows you to tailor the feeder to your and your rabbit’s needs. Most feeders you can buy will not allow for such customization. Sometimes, there is really no other option but to DIY something for work to be efficient around the farm or homestead.

Finally, believe it or not, making a rabbit feeder could be fun. There is this happiness in creating something that could be used later on. Also, there is a different sense of joy when you see your furry friend using your craft!


That is our 26 DIY rabbit feeder plans! We hope we got to help you and your little furry friend find the best rabbit feeder.

We hope we were able to be of service to you and your little critter. If you have any other buzzing bunny concerns like this one, feel free to give us a visit again!

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