25 DIY Indoor Rabbit Cage Ideas – Try Out This Weekend

One of the first things that a new rabbit owner should plan is a rabbit hutch. With the variety of rabbit cages available in the market, some are confused about choosing the perfect housing for their rabbit. The good news is there are lots of DIY Indoor Rabbit Cage Ideas out there!

This page will provide you with 25 DIY indoor rabbit cages options that you can browse. All these are easy to make and are very cost-efficient. That’s truly a plus, especially for new bunny owners!

1. The Dresser Bunny Cage

rabbit hutch plans

Dressers are one of the most treasured home furniture pieces that last for years. Has your old dresser been hanging around for long? Turning it into an indoor rabbit hutch is excellent if you want to repurpose your dresser into something useful.

Say goodbye to your old dresser and say hi to a new rabbit cage! All you need to prepare is your dresser, pieces of plywood, hinges, handles, and other hardware for the doors. You should also have sanding equipment, wood stain, and liners.


2. Cheap Winter-themed DIY Indoor Rabbit Cage

Here’s a cheap DIY alternative to expensive rabbit cages. This winter-themed DIY indoor rabbit cage uses wire storage cubes, black cable ties, a small litter pan, and a yoga mat.

The water bottle is secured on the side, with a small dish in the corner of the wires. Winter-themed blankets, toys, and accessories are placed to add creativity to the cage. A rabbit will surely enjoy this inexpensive yet beautiful indoor cage!


3. An Entertainment Center DIY Rabbit Cage

diy rabbit hutch

Another option for a DIY indoor rabbit cage is your entertainment system. If you have an old and non-functional entertainment cabinet, you can do a few tweaks to transform it into an excellent rabbit cage.

The materials you will be needing are pretty basic. These include a measuring tape, screws, hinges, wires, and pieces of wood.

An entertainment center rabbit cage is excellent for your growing rabbit. It provides enough room for your pet to move, hop around, run, and play.


4. Homemade Cute Bunny Condo

Next up is a cute and cheap rabbit condo. This 8.1 sqft bunny condo uses 14 in x 14 in NIC storage grids connected using cable ties. The pins are connected to add a shelf where the bunny can jump to the second floor.

This bunny condo provides lots of space for your pet. It does not require any power tools to make. Hence, even a newbie can build this cute bunny condo! You can add mats and blankets designed according to your preferred theme to make it even more adorable.


5. Little Rabbit Hutch Plan

homemade indoor rabbit cage ideas

Building a small rabbit hutch is ideal for houses with limited space. This small rabbit hutch plan is a good option for compact homes and is very simple to make.

You will need sections of woods, pallets, essential power tools, wires, a staple gun, and some nails. This little rabbit hutch has a ⅔ sized lid to keep your bunny safe and secure.


6. Rabbit Cage Under A Bed

Do you want to keep your rabbit company while you sleep? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect cage for you to build. You can transform the underside of your bed into a rabbit cage!

What you will be needing are metal brackets, hinges, spray paint, dowels, screws, planks of wood, and other construction tools. This cage can house a rabbit and other pets too! Your dogs and cats can enjoy this cage under your bed as well.


7. Two-Story Rabbit Cage

rabbit cage ideas

Commercial rabbit cages can cost you up to $300. But with this Two-story DIY Indoor Rabbit Cage, you’ll spend less than $150 only! You’ll be needing simple materials like latches, hinges, wire mesh rolls, and wood.

This two-story rabbit cage presents two sets of barn doors for every floor, giving you access to quickly clean the hutch. This rabbit cage has an open roof and linoleum floors.


8. Custom Indoor Rabbit Hutch with A Ramp

Everyone loves seeing their rabbits happily playing around. With just 100 bucks, you can do a custom indoor rabbit hutch where your rabbit can lounge, rest, and play in!

The materials you will be needing are untreated plywood, chicken wire, a lock, wood glue, nail fun, hinges, and non-toxic paint.

This DIY indoor rabbit cage features a perfect slide for your energetic and agile fur buddy. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it is also spacious and fun. It will surely make your bunny happy!


9. DIY Indoor Rabbit Enclosure

diy rabbit cage

This indoor homemade bunny enclosure presents a sweet, elegant-looking bunny cage. This enclosure is perfect for creative pet owners and friendly bunnies.

The indoor homemade bunny enclosure is primarily made from a bed frame. It was then transformed into a rabbit cage with added shelves and ramps where bunnies could play around. Inside the rabbit’s enclosure are a hay feeder, litter box, water holder, and a food bowl.


10. DIY Giant Rabbit Playhouse

Rabbits need to release their energies by playing and running around daily. This DIY Giant Rabbit Playhouse is great for highly-active rabbits! This DIY bunny cage mainly uses pieces of cardboard and binders.

The giant rabbit playhouse features a tunnel connecting one box to another, where rabbits can play hide and seek and run all day.


11. Mobile Bunny Hutch

diy rabbit hutch outdoor

Do you like being on the move? If yes, this DIY indoor rabbit cage is for you to build! With caster wheels attached, this mobile bunny hutch is portable. You can take them anywhere around your house, and even outside.

You need the following to build a mobile bunny hutch: plywood, lumber, screws, wood filler, wood glue, and paint. Prepare your hammer, tape measure, and other power tools too. And, of course, have a pair of safety gloves and glasses with you for your protection.


12. Gated Rabbit Cage

If you have a spacious area to put an indoor rabbit cage in, then a DIY rabbit cage with a gate might be your best pick. This gated rabbit cage is a tall and big cage for your rabbit.

It features a box where a rabbit can hop on, a bed for your rabbit’s good night’s sleep, a water bottle holder, a table, etc. A great addition to this gated rabbit cage is a comfortable blanket.


13. 3-Level Indoor Rabbit Condo

rabbit cage design

Prepare your wire storage cubes, plywood, cable ties, dowels, and spring clamps to build this excellent yet simple 3-level indoor rabbit condo. With this 3-story indoor rabbit condo, you’ll only follow nine quick and straightforward steps.

An optional addition to this DIY rabbit cage is a hay tray. A hay tray keeps the rabbit condo clean by separating the hay zone and the condo zone. Other things to include in this rabbit condo are flooring and casters for better cleaning.


14. Simple DIY Rabbit Cage

In this DIY Indoor Rabbit Cage, you’ll only spend a maximum of $65! This simple DIY rabbit cage is perfect for attic rooms, with a slanting roof that rests on your walls.

This simple DIY rabbit cage uses wire grids secured by cable ties. These cable ties won’t hurt your rabbit as long as you cut them short enough.


15. Super Bunny Condo

outdoor rabbit hutch plans

If you have many pet rabbits at home, consider building this large and spacious super rabbit condo. You’ll need gorm shelving, hook latches, furniture tacks, wires, wood trim, and a steel mesh to create this.

The gorm shelving system comprises different sizes you can fully customize according to your space and the number of rabbits that would stay inside.


16. Bamboo DIY Rabbit Cage

Bamboo can be used in floorings, roofings, and scaffolding. It can also be used for designing a home. But did you know that you can build a rabbit cage with bamboo as the primary material? Yes, you can do that!

Bamboos are a sturdy option for a DIY indoor rabbit cage. This fantastic bamboo rabbit cage is a beautiful and environment-friendly choice because bamboos are accessible in different sizes, shapes, and varieties.


17. Multi-Rabbit Cage

how to build a rabbit cage

Another rabbit hutch perfect for owners with several bunnies is this multi-rabbit cage. This cage has a versatile design that fits every corner of your home.

You’ll need multiple wood planks of different sizes to build this cage. The cage has a roof and an elevated flooring to house three rabbits.


18. DIY Bunny Castle

Like queens and kings, bunnies deserve to have their castles too! This DIY beautiful bunny castle features two ramps and three levels your rabbit can enjoy.

With the right tools, patience, DIY skills, and time, you’ll have a blast as you create this bunny castle. Rabbits will also enjoy hopping over the shelves and running down the ramps in this DIY rabbit castle.


19. DIY Pallet Rabbit Cage

diy outdoor rabbit hutch

You can already build your rabbit’s pallet cage with simple tools like pallets, floor wire, wood screws, plywood, latches, and hinges. The pallets that will be used for this design are four pieces of 38 x 48 in pallets for the main hutch.

You may tweak this design following your preferred size and type of pallet. If you have smaller bunnies, you should consider shorter pallets.


20. Cardboard Bunny Castle

Another option to build a rabbit castle is to use cardboard boxes. This cardboard bunny castle requires three boxes to make a miniature castle. The supplies you need are pretty basic, such as a ruler, pencil, cutter, decorations, and toys.

To visualize the DIY castle, don’t forget to take measurements. You do not want to cut through the boxes without ensuring the correct dimensions. You can also pile up the boxes and arrange them according to your desired look.


21. PVC Rabbit Hutch

rabbit pen ideas

If you’re not keen about using wooden pallets for your rabbit’s cage, check out this next DIY option. This PVC rabbit hutch is designed for a hassle-free building and quick cleaning. Because it’s made of PVC, it’s a lot easier to wipe any mud and mess.

This PVC rabbit hutch is perfect for indoors. This sturdy DIY indoor rabbit cage can accommodate up to 36 x 30-inch all-wire rabbit cage.


22. Large Inexpensive Rabbit Cage

This large inexpensive rabbit cage design uses playmats and storage grids. To keep the grids in place, cable ties are used. This ensures that your playful bunny does not escape from the enclosure.

This cage is easy to make and would not require any power tools. What’s great is that the materials are available anywhere. With a quick rush to your local store, you can find the correct supplies for this bunny cage.


23. Upcycled IKEA Furniture Rabbit Cage

diy bunny house

Do you have a piece of furniture waiting to be upcycled? Check them out – they might be perfect for this upcycled IKEA furniture rabbit cage! This upcycled IKEA furniture rabbit cage makes use of Ikea’s Bjursta Bar Table.

You need chicken wire, locks, handles, hinges, wood, kitchen tiles, and laminate flooring to build this. You likely have these at home. If not, you can get them for a low price at a dollar store.


24. Homemade Mini Rabbit Box

Keeping your bunny active means exerting effort to play with him. But you can also get them to exercise by building a homemade mini rabbit box. This homemade rabbit box utilizes a cardboard box, a pair of scissors, duct tape, Timothy hay, empty tissue rolls, and wires.

Doing this is very easy. Your bunny will surely love playing inside this DIY mini rabbit playbox! You can also put toys, decorations, and accessories to level up your rabbit’s playbox. Other than that, you can try placing a comfortable blanket for some good cuddles!


25. Homemade Rabbit Tractor Hutch

rabbit cage plans

This homemade rabbit tractor hutch looks like a chicken coop. The cage features a ramp on top where rabbits can play, hop and run around.

On the ground level, rabbits can eat hay beneath their feet. This homemade rabbit tractor hutch presents a versatile design of a DIY indoor rabbit cage.



Indeed, there are lots of options when it comes to DIY indoor rabbit cage ideas! These brilliant concepts help you visualize your rabbit’s next home. Other than a quick building process, what’s impressive is that the materials are cheap and can be found at every nearby store!

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