7 Easy Steps to Litter Train A Rabbit (Step-by-Step Guide)

Rabbits are one of the most underrated animals. These beautiful little creatures may look disorderly and uncontrollable sometimes. Still, they are intelligent and social animals that you can easily train, and here’s how you can quickly litter train a rabbit.

Why Rabbits Are One of The Best Pets

how to potty train a rabbit

Before we jump into how to litter train a rabbit guideline, let us be acquainted with our little friend’s nature. Rabbits, bunnies, whichever you prefer to call them, are, in fact, fantastic creatures. They are full of characters and can make your stomach ache out of laughing.

They are carefree animals, bold, and sometimes naughty. Do not be surprised if you will see them running around your house at great speed, jumping over your sofas or probably over you, and showing you some of their tricks. So, how do you exactly litter train a rabbit?

7 Easy Steps to Litter Train A Rabbit

Now that you learn, have an overview or idea of a rabbit’s character, and assuming that you already have the materials and supplies handy, let us now proceed to litter training a rabbit.

Step 1. Get to know the rabbit

These adorable little creatures might show different characters and attitudes, just like other animals. Sometimes these rabbits are sweet, and sometimes they are not. So, before you start litter training a rabbit, you must understand first how this rabbit behaves in every situation.

Once you understand the rabbit’s behavior, it will be easier to train him.

Step 2. Notice the spot

how to potty train a bunny

Rabbits have a favorite spot to defecate or pee, like dogs and cats. This is the place where they feel safe when they are very vulnerable. Thus, putting the litter box into the area where the rabbits usually defecate is highly advisable.

Or, if you have a rabbit cage, you can put the cage into that specific spot with the litter box inside. You can also install the rabbit pen enclosing the area to guarantee they won’t wander around to defecate and pee.

Step 3. Put the dirty bedding in

Putting the newly bought litter box and paper-based litter into the place where they defecate doesn’t mean that your rabbits will automatically hop into the litter box and defecate. You need to let them know that the box you put there is the place for them to defecate and pee.

For them to get acquainted with the new litter box, you need to put dirty bedding in it where they can smell their feces and urine.

Step 4. Give them treats

how to train a rabbit to use a litter box

Litter training a rabbit is like training a rabbit a new trick. This means that you need to show that you see what they are doing and that you are proud of them and appreciate them.

One way to show all these is by giving them treats after completing the task.

Step 5. Show that you are the boss

The challenge of litter training a rabbit is that they tend to not listen to the commands.

In some instances, the rabbit will defecate and pee anywhere inside the cage, pen, or anywhere in your house. Sometimes, these actions are normal as they are territorial creatures.

But you need to show the rabbit that you are in charge. If your rabbit becomes disorderly and disobedient, you must increase your patience and start disciplining them.

Thus, if you see your rabbit peeing in the wrong place, you must grab the rabbit and put it gently into the litter box.

Step 6. Make it a routine

can you potty train a rabbit

Though rabbits are intelligent creatures, learning a new routine for them will still take some time. Thus, you need to keep doing the steps above until the rabbit show he doesn’t need any supervision. Or until the rabbit grasps the idea of litter boxes and gets used to it.

Step 7. Award him with space

Once you have successfully litter train a rabbit, you can now let that rabbit roam around your house.

If the rabbit starts defecating and peeing anywhere, you can put them back into their cage or pen. By doing this, you let the rabbit know what they will get if they continue peeing anywhere.

When to Litter Train A Rabbit?

Some people might believe that the best time to litter train a rabbit is when they are very young. However, what people do not know is a rabbit can learn new tricks regardless of their age. Also, their attention span increases as they mature.

With proper tools, material, and process, you will find it easy to litter train a rabbit.

3 Things to Prepare Before You Litter Train A Rabbit

how to litter train a bunny

Before you start to litter train a rabbit, you must have all the necessary things handy. Some rabbit owners buy these things, and some make DIY versions.

Litter Box

A litter box is commonly known as a litter pan or cat box. It is a box where the rabbit will defecate and pee.

When picking a litter box, you must make sure that it fits the size of the rabbit that you have.

Litter Box Type Rabbit Size
Cat Litter Box (Regular size, Low Sides) Large Rabbits
Corner Litter Pan Dwarf Rabbits, Small Rabbits

Rabbit Litter

Most of the cat litters are rabbit-friendly. However, there are some litter types that you must avoid, and these include clay-based, clumping, or cedar pellets. These litter types are known to be toxic to rabbits.

The safest rabbit litter that we can recommend is anything paper-based. But before you buy one, always read the label first. Choose the unscented brand that can strongly absorb and control a foul odor.

Tip: You can also put fresh hay into the litter box. This is part of your ‘litter training a rabbit’ activity.

Rabbits are known to defecate every time they eat, and this gives you more reasons to litter train your rabbit. Just check the hay regularly and change them when needed to prevent it from getting mucky.

Cleaning Materials

To complete the list of must-have materials and supplies that you need before litter training a rabbit, you must have a stock of trusted cleaning supplies.

Most rabbit owners always have a dash of white vinegar and a pet urine cleaner. White vinegar is commonly used to clean their stained litter pens and cages. While the pet urine cleaner is used to remove the urine stain and the urine’s foul odor.

Rabbit Cage or Rabbit Pen

Since this is the first time you litter train a rabbit, you may need to put them in a cage. This will force, if not teach or lead your rabbits to the designated area when they need to defecate or pee.

What to Use to Clean the Rabbit Litter Box?

rabbit litter training

Now that you know how to litter train a rabbit, the next thing that you need to do is to keep their place clean, especially the rabbit litter tray.

Since rabbits’ feces are not as big as that of cats and dogs, the litter in your rabbit’s litter box must be proportionate to their size or to the frequency of how much they urinate.

Normally, the litter’s thickness must be half an inch to an inch. Though sometimes, it could be thicker than that.

Regardless of their thickness, cleaning the rabbit’s feces is easy. You can scoop their poop from the litter box anytime. With this, we suggest that you clean the litter tray every day.

You must have a mixture of white vinegar and water to do this. It should be a 1:1 ratio of 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar. You can go more than if the litter box is bigger than usual. Just keep the ratio as is.

However, if the mixture won’t work and you can still smell the foul odor, we suggest checking rabbit-safe cleaning solutions online. Avoid washing the litter tray with water, though, as this will confuse the rabbit with what the box is for.

What Is the Right Way to Wash a Rabbit Litter Box?

We do not suggest that you wash the litter box frequently, but a few washes in a year is a good practice as it will keep the litter box from the formation of bacteria that may affect the rabbits’ health. Here’s how you keep the litter box clean.

Step 1. Dispose of the used litter

You need to throw the litter away, whether there is just a little poop in it or it doesn’t smell that bad. You can toss it into the bin or spread it there if you have a garden. Rabbit poop is a good fertilizer due to the number of nutrients found in their feces.

Step 2. Wash the Litter Box

Wash the litter box with plain water. Please do not add any detergent on it or anything scented. Remember, our goal is to clean the litter box without removing the rabbit’s scent. So, the best way to do this is to wash the litter box with running water only.

Also, you need to brush the box thoroughly to remove the stains and possible feces-litter build-up.

Step 3. Dry the litter box

After washing it, wipe the litter box with a dry cloth before putting the new litter on it.

Step 4. Put a new litter

Once everything is cleaned, you may put the new litter into the newly-cleaned litter box. You may keep the thickness of the litter but do not spray anything scented into it. Though the box is newly cleaned, the rabbits will still smell their scent in there.

Step 5. Put the litter box back

The last thing you need to do is put the litter box back to its place where the rabbits used to poop and pee.


It may be difficult for some, but to litter train a rabbit is as easy as ABC actually, and with our guidelines, you will surely nail the task on how to litter a rabbit.

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