Do Rabbits Eat Grasshoppers? (Nutrition, Benefits, and Feeding Tips)

A rabbit’s nutritional diet is crucial to its long-term survival and overall health. Their diet plan includes a variety of foods such as vegetables, hay, fruits, and herbs.

But the thing is, on some rare occasions, you might find your bunnies grazing around the backyard and munching bugs like the grasshopper.

If you’re wondering whether rabbits eat grasshoppers, you’ve found the right guide. In this definitive guide, we try to answer some of the things you need to know if rabbits eat grasshoppers and discuss the possible effects in depth.

So, here’s the truth.

Do Rabbits Eat Grasshoppers?

Rabbits do not eat grasshoppers. There are reasons why these cuddly puffballs do not like them. We list the common reasons why your bunny would not eat a grasshopper.

Bunnies Are Plant-lovers

do rabbits eat grasshoppers

Rabbits do not eat grasshoppers because they belong to the class of animals called herbivores. Rabbits are animals that survive and get their basic energy needs from plants and plants alone. In other words, rabbits are herbivores.

Since bunnies are herbivores, their digestive system is primarily designed to handle plant materials. On top of that, a high fiber but lower protein diet is the standard diet plan for rabbits.

But on the opposite, grasshoppers contain proteins with substantial amounts of carbohydrates and fats, which are not suitable for your little bunnies.

Plus, grasshoppers have low amounts of fiber. Meanwhile, to keep your bunnies happy and healthy, their nutritional plan should consist of intense fiber.

Because of this, your bunnies do not consider grasshoppers as their source of food. Under normal circumstances, rabbits do not actively seek and do not eat grasshoppers. It would not be suitable for their overall health.

Bunnies Are Not Predators

do rabbits eat bugs

Rabbits do not have any hunting skills. Unlike other house pets such as dogs and cats, which are primitive and have impressive hunting skills, rabbits are not like that. They do not have the talent to pursue and feed on prey.

While you may find that your dog stalks insects outdoor and cats catch rats inside your home, bunnies are content with eating hay, vegetables, and fruits.

All in all, rabbits do not possess hunting skills in their genetic make-up. As a result, your bunnies then depend on stationary food.

Bunnies Are Not interested

You might notice that your bunnies do not like chasing games. In general, rabbits do not have any ounce of interest in moving things. On top of that, moving critters like the grasshopper can be terrifying for them.

In addition, since grasshoppers are the type of insect that moves fast, it is reasonably challenging for rabbits to capture them. So, rabbits would not try catching grasshoppers to eat them.

Bunnies Would Get Sick

Eating grasshoppers can be dangerous for your little bunnies. Grasshoppers are harmful to your bunny’s digestive system. Sometimes, it can be poisonous to them and deadly in the worst-case scenario.

Additionally, bunnies may find it difficult to consume larger insects. Bear in mind that grasshoppers can grow up to 2.75 inches. The digestive system of rabbits is not prepared for it.

Most probably, bunnies will have an upset stomach. In short, grasshoppers are unhealthy to consume for your chubby bunnies, and repeated consumption can result in gastrointestinal problems.

Why Would Rabbits Eat Grasshoppers?

do bunnies eat grasshoppers

On rare occasions, you will find your pet rabbits eating grasshoppers. But most of the time, they do not do it intentionally. Since rabbits are naturally interested, they can munch grasshoppers out of curiosity.

Nonetheless, these playful bunnies may begin seeking to eat insects. While these instances are not frequent, this does not mean that they cannot happen. Also, rabbits would most likely consume grasshoppers out of restlessness and boredom if left alone for extended periods.

All in all, rabbits may eat grasshoppers accidentally. It can also happen out of hunger and boredom. Should any of these occur, it might be better to stop by with the veterinarian to attend to your bunnies’ nutritional and food needs.

Further, since rabbits have a high territorial instinct, they do not want unwanted guests in their cabinet. Once they see grasshoppers in their space, they might kill them and accidentally munch them.

Unneutered rabbits will not welcome grasshoppers since they are highly aggressive than usual.

What Happens When a Rabbit Accidentally Eats Grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are not typically harmful to your pet rabbit. Nonetheless, grasshoppers do not have many nutritional benefits to rabbits.

But, if your pet eats some grasshoppers, it can pass through their digestive system without any harm.

What Are the Problems That Might End up From Eating Grasshoppers?

do rabbits eat insects

Typically, eating a piece or two of grasshoppers would not lead to many problems. It can cause your bunnies an upset stomach. However, heavy and regular consumption can cause starvation or malnutrition.

Suppose they happen to feed on many grasshoppers. In that case, your bunny will most likely suffer gut damage, which can eventually be fatal and lead to its death.

What Are the Diseases That Grasshoppers Can Cause to Rabbits?

Chewing and eating grasshoppers generally would not kill your rabbits. However, it is worth remembering that repeated consumption of these critters may have severe consequences for your bunny’s health.

Grasshoppers carry in their bodies a handful of diseases that can easily be transmitted to rabbits: typhlitis, mycotoxicosis, and viral hemorrhagic disease. These illnesses are caused by eating insects such as grasshoppers.

On top of that, if these critters have insecticides, this can cause harm to your bunny. More often than not, parasites dwell in grasshoppers too.

So, while grasshoppers may not be potentially harmful to your lovely bunnies, it is still best to be careful.

Should I Seek a Vet When a Rabbit Eats a Grasshopper?

Suppose you observe that your bunny munch and consume a bunch of grasshoppers more than usual. It is recommended that you swing by a vet clinic. While it may not be visible, continued consumption of grasshoppers can lead to your rabbit’s digestive issues.

Further, when you often find your bunny seeking insects such as grasshoppers to eat, then it is a sign that you need to adjust the diet plan of these little boo bears. A quick visit to the veterinarian will be beneficial and worth it in the long run.

What do I need to do to keep rabbits from eating grasshoppers?

do bunnies eat insects

As I mentioned earlier, rabbits usually do not like grasshoppers in general. However, grasshoppers will most likely thrive if you have a massive backyard outside your home or a simple garden.

So, you need to do your best to ensure that your rabbit will not have quick access to grasshoppers while they are happily rummaging and lounging around in your fence.

To help you, here are the practical techniques that you could try to keep your bunny’s hutch clean and grasshopper-free:

  • Clean the Area

We cannot emphasize cleaning enough. Maintain the space where your bunny usually hangs out clean and insect-free.

  • Use Insect Sprays and Repellents

You can find these in a variety of stores near your home. You need to create an insect-free environment to stop your bunny from munching grasshoppers.

  • Keep Away Any Leftovers

Leftover food can attract grasshoppers. If you happen to have a picnic in your garden where your bunny stays, make sure that you clean all the excess food. Or place it in the refrigerator which your bunny cannot easily reach.

Can Rabbits Eat Insects?

While it’s rare, some rabbits may develop a taste for insects. Craving for insects usually occurs when rabbits are trying to copy other animals.

Although the chance is small, insects could still make your rabbit ill, you should not rule out any possibilities.

While tiny insects can quickly make their way to your bunny’s digestive system without much difficulty, this is not the case for more giant insects. Some large insects could obstruct your rabbit’s digestive system, which might lead to complications.

What are the Insects that Rabbits Consume?

Usually, the top three insects that rabbits might eat are ants, crickets, and caterpillars. Your bunnies can consume them without experiencing any unusual symptoms or health issues. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for your rabbit to consume them daily.

On the other hand, rabbits consume these insects found in the wild: beetles, grasshoppers, caterpillars, worms, and locusts. Nonetheless, you can always consult your nearby vet if you have doubts.

What are the Safe Foods for Rabbits?

Typically, the nutritional diet of rabbits consists of hay, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Rabbits love a vegan diet.

To keep them well-rounded and happy, and to boost their overall health, look at this recommended food diet for your bunnies:


Food Diet Plan for Rabbits




Timothy Hay, Oat Hay, Meadow Hay, Alfalfa Hay (use it sparingly);




Green beans, Pumpkin, Romaine lettuce, Spinach, Asparagus, Broccoli Leaves, Spring Green, Cucumber;




Lemon Balm, Lavender, Peppermint, Tarragon, Rosemary, Sage, Cilantro, Basil, Dill, Oregano;



(Not sprayed)


Roses, Pansies, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Clover, Dandelion, Calendula, Lavender, Chickweed;




Strawberries, apples, banana, mango, melon, grapes, peaches, pineapple, pears, raspberries, blackberry;

Final Thoughts

Now you know why rabbits do not eat grasshoppers. Your bunnies are a plant-lover and are not prey animals. However, in rare instances, these little rabbits might eat grasshoppers.

Of course, one or two of these creepy crawlies would not hurt or even kill them, but you should still be careful. Suppose you have doubts. Keep in mind that you cannot find a substitute for a piece of good vet advice for your little, chubby bunnies.

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