6 Things You Should Know About Feeding Grapes to Rabbits

Did you recently get a pet rabbit? You may now be wondering what things you can feed your new furry friend. Well, let’s see if we can add a treat to your list.

Today, let’s talk rabbits and grapes. Can rabbits eat grapes? Without further (or should we say furry) delay, let’s answer this question.

1. Can Rabbits Eat Grape Flesh and Peels?

Can Rabbits Eat Grape Flesh and Peels

First, let’s talk about the flesh. After all, when we talk about grapes, it would probably be the first that would come to mind. Well, you might be happy to know that, yes, rabbits can eat grape flesh.

However, you might now be wondering about the peels. Humans can eat the flesh and peels, but can rabbits do too?

You don’t have to worry. You won’t have to peel the grapes before giving them to the little ones. As long as the peels don’t have any coat of harmful chemicals (e.g., pesticides), they are safe for the rabbits to eat.

Some believe that the grape is one of the fresh produces on the market with the most pesticide residue. If you are not buying organically grown ones, make sure you wash them well before giving them to your bunnies.

On the other hand, some might tell you to avoid the peels as much as possible. That is because giving your bunny too much of the peels could lead to kidney failure.

However, if you stick to the suggested servings, there shouldn’t be any problem. We will talk more about this matter in a later portion. For now, let’s talk about grape seeds. Unlike the flesh, they are a more complicated matter.

2. Can Rabbits Eat Grape Seeds?

Next, let’s talk about the seeds. There is a little debate on this matter. Some would tell you they’re okay, while others might advise you to stay away from them. So, which is which?

Grape seeds are not known to be toxic for rabbits. Now, you might ask: what is the reason for the debate? The answer? These seeds could be choking hazards.

With all that, yes, rabbits can eat grape seeds. However, there is a risk. Feeding grape seeds to your little ones would be up to your discretion. We will talk more about grape seeds later.

3. Can Rabbits Eat Grape Stems and Leaves?

can rabbits eat purple grapes

When it comes to stems and leaves, the answer is still the same, yes, rabbits could eat grape stems and leaves. However, you might want to skip giving this to your bun. As you might already know, grape stems and leaves are not exactly tasty.

Additionally, if the grapes you bought got sprayed with some pesticides, these parts are most probably coated with them too. With their texture, the chemical might prove to be more challenging to remove.

If you’d like to let your bunny have a treat, it might be best to stick to the fruit.

4. Do Rabbits Like Grapes?

grapes for bunnies

We now know that rabbits can eat grapes. However, do they like them?

Well, you might be surprised, but it seems bunnies love grapes! With that, you can expect your rabbits to gobble up each and every grape you will let them have.

However, the question is, how much should you indulge your furry friend? Well, let’s talk about that next as we view the health benefits and possible health risks of this fruit.

5. Are Grapes Good for Rabbits?

grapes rabbits

Grapes are great for rabbits but only as a treat. For one, this fruit contains lots of vitamins that rabbits need. Additionally, it also has antioxidants that are good for them.

However, if you keep giving in to your bunny’s request for more grapes, then you and your little one might run into some trouble. For example, too many grapes can cause weight gain and digestive issues.

This fruit, after all, does not only hold good things for your rabbits. It also has a huge amount of sugar and water, things that could be harmful to your rabbits in large amounts.

Ideally, you don’t want to give your rabbits more than three grapes per week. Not everyone agrees on this number. Some say you can offer more, while others say give less.

Each bunny is different, though. You might want to ask your vet for advice on this matter for your furry friend. However, generally, it’s a safe number to ensure this treat will not become a problem.

6. Cautions When Feeding Your Rabbits Grapes

bunny grapes

You now know more about rabbits and grapes. However, as we’ve seen in the last section, there are some things bunny owners should consider when feeding this fruit to their fur babies.

Let’s take a deeper look at some other things you might want to keep in mind when it comes to your rabbits and grapes.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Grapes?

It is not advisable to give baby rabbits some grapes. Avoid treats while your bunnies are still young. After a few months (3-7 months), you can slowly introduce grapes and other treats to their diets.

Slowly Introduce Grapes to Your Rabbit

Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems. You don’t only want to slowly introduce grapes to young rabbits. Ideally, slowly introduce grapes to your rabbits regardless of age.

If this is the first time your furry friend is getting a taste of the treat, it might be ideal to give them a small piece first. After that, you’d want to monitor how their bodies would react to the fruit.

If everything seems fine and dandy after 24 hours, then you can proceed with adding grapes to the list of treats your bunny could eat.

It might also be good to note that you don’t only want to do this step for grapes. Whenever a new treat is being introduced, try to follow these steps.

Balance Your Rabbit’s Diet: Give Your Rabbits Grapes in Moderation

Many say that rabbits have a sweet tooth. As you might expect, they would love this sugary fruit. However, as discussed above, you want to make sure you limit their grape consumption.

While grapes do have some nutrients good for the little critters, they also have lots of sugar in them. Again, as we’ve said, too much sugar is not healthy for our furry friends.

Additionally, if it were up to the rabbits, they would most likely go for the sweetest treat available to them. This fact means that you also need to limit your rabbit’s grape consumption, or it would ignore the healthier options.

Treats, in general, should not take up more than 5% of your bunny’s diet.

Opt for Seedless Grapes

Yes, rabbits can eat grape seeds as it will not poison them. However, you might still want to avoid them if possible. Grape seeds might not be poisonous, but they could still be a choking hazard for the little ones.

On the other hand, maybe you can’t find or don’t want to opt for seedless grapes. In that case, you can break apart the grapes and pick the seeds out instead if you’re worried about your rabbits choking.

When Not to Feed Rabbits Grapes?

Okay, we’ve discussed that it is not advisable to give baby rabbits grapes. However, that is not the only instance you want to avoid giving your furry friend this treat.

For one, you want to avoid feeding your rabbit some grapes if your little one is already obese. As we’ve said, grapes have lots of sugar in them. This substance is not going to help with your overweight bunny. Try to look for low-sugar treats until your bunny can get back in shape.

Another reason you might want to lay off the grapes is when your bunny is currently experiencing some digestive problems. Again, forgo the sweet treat until your vet gives you the go signal that your bunny can indulge some grapes again.

Can Rabbits Eat Raisins?

can rabbits have red grapes

Before letting you go, let’s talk about raisins. Raisins, after all, is still a grape. A dried grape, that is, but still a grape nonetheless.

Well, you might be happy to know, but yes, you can also feed your bunnies some raisins. However, again, you want to limit their raisin consumption.

Often, raisins contain a huge amount of sugar, and while sugar tastes nice, we don’t want to give our bunnies too much of it. Only give your fur babies a small number of raisins from time to time.


Can rabbits eat grapes?

As you’ve seen today, rabbits can eat every part of the grape! Whether we’re talking about flesh, peels, seeds, stems, or leaves, your furry friend can nibble on them.

However, don’t forget that while your rabbits can eat grapes, they can’t live on them alone. Grapes are only good in moderation. So, make sure you toughen up if your rabbits learn to love grapes.

You can’t always give in! (Yes, even how much they plead you with those cute eyes.) Make sure to include some other delicious and nutritious treats on your list.

We hope we were able to help you with this concern!

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