Can Rabbits Eat Collard Greens? (Nutrition, Benefits, & Feeding Tips)

There are many kinds of fruits and veggies, but not all are good for our bunnies. It could make treat finding hard for a rabbit mom or dad, but that’s where we come in!

We will help you make your list of rabbit treats one crop at a time. Today, it will be collard greens. So, can rabbits eat collard greens? Well, let’s answer that right now!

Can Rabbits Eat Collard Greens?

can bunnies eat collard greens

Yes, rabbits can eat collard greens. Unlike other fruits and vegetables, collard greens are pretty simple in that it only has two parts. It has some large green leaves with tough stalks, and your rabbit can eat them both.

Generally, dark, leafy greens are okay for rabbits. The leaves of collard greens fit this description well. Still, make sure you wash the collard greens before giving them to your rabbits. That is especially true if the collard greens were store-bought.

Store-bought fruits and veggies are almost always likely coated with chemicals. While collard greens are a-okay for rabbits, those chemicals are not.

On the other hand, you might be worried about the tough stalks. Don’t be! You probably already know how strong rabbit teeth are if you’re a rabbit mom or dad.

Those pearly whites can chew through wood! Collar green stalks? We believe they’re child’s play for your hearty chewers. If anything, they might even enjoy the extra crunch.

Can Rabbits Eat Cooked Collard Greens?

collard greens rabbits

Cooked collard greens are a different story. First, let’s talk about plain cooked collard greens. That is, collard greens cooked with no other things. No meat, no condiments. Collard greens only.

Your rabbits could eat this one. However, cooking the collard greens is not necessary. Actually, it is not even advisable to do so! It is best to give bunnies fresh fruits and veggies. That is because many cooking methods remove certain nutrients in the process.

A waste, do you not agree? Still, as we’ve said, you could let your rabbits have some plain cooked collard greens if you want to. Just ensure you make it an occasional treat only, and you don’t give them too much!

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of giving them leftover collard greens, that would be a no. Here, we will not only deal with the removal of certain nutrients. We would also be dealing with an abundance of unhealthy things for your little fur friend.

These cooked collard greens would likely have tons of different kinds of seasoning. While these things could make the veggie tastier, they’re not the best things for your rabbits to eat.

It is not the best way to go if you want to introduce different flavors to your bunny. If you would like to do so, try introducing various treats instead. There are tons from which you can take your pick!

Do Rabbits Like Collard Greens?

can rabbits have collard greens

Next up, let’s discuss if rabbits like collard greens in the first place.

Generally, rabbits have big appetites, and you can expect them to be delighted with any treat. However, like humans, different rabbits have different preferences. Some rabbits might go crazy for collard greens, while some might turn their noses up and away from it.

Give your rabbits a few small pieces first to see if they like them before fully incorporating them into their diets. However, as you will see later, this is not the only reason you want to give them a few small pieces when introducing this veggie into their diet.

Are Collard Greens Good for Rabbits?

are collard greens good for rabbits

Rabbits can eat collard greens. However, are they good for the little critters?

If you look at the nutrition facts of collard greens, you will see that it is a healthy treat. You can even say that they can be too healthy for the little critters! For one, this veggie is packed with calcium.

You might want to watch out for how many collard greens you give them, as they don’t need tons of calcium. While collard greens are generally healthy for rabbits, you don’t want to overfeed them with this veggie.

How Much Collard Greens Should You Give Your Rabbits?

Generally, you only want to give them a cup of chopped mixed greens on a daily basis. With that, you can give your rabbits a cup of chopped collard greens daily. However, it might be best to put some variety in your cup of leafy greens.

This way, your rabbits won’t get bored of the same old thing. Additionally, it would be an ideal method to balance out the nutrients your little critter will get. Mix in collard green with some other leafy veggies like bok choy, romaine lettuce, and other greens here:

Caution When Feeding Your Rabbits Collard Greens

As you might already know, all fruits and veggies come with some caution when feeding them to your rabbits. So, what are the ones for collard greens? Well, let’s answer that next.

Slowly Introduce Collard Greens to Your Rabbit

can rabbits eat mustard greens

As you might already know, rabbits have sensitive digestive systems. Before incorporating collard greens into your rabbit’s diet, you might want to see how the little one’s body reacts to it. Your little friend might like it, but its body might not.

Slowly introduce this new treat by giving them a small portion first. After that, monitor the little critter for around 24 hours. If they seem fine after a whole day, collard greens should be okay then.

On the other hand, some suggest slowly introducing this veggie over the course of a few days. If you want to be on the safer side, you might want to go with this method instead. Basically, you want to start with a very small portion and work your way up until you’re giving them a cup of collard greens. Of course, you have to monitor them during these days.

Note that you don’t only want to do this process with collard greens. Whatever fruits or veggies you are introducing, you want to introduce them slowly to avoid any health complications.

You want to look out for anything out of the ordinary. However, you might want to keep a careful watch on the little critter’s poo.

Why You Don’t Want to Give Your Rabbits Too Much Collard Greens

As we have said earlier, collard greens can be bad for the little critters when you give them too much. That is because they could be too healthy. However, that is not the only reason.

Generally, you don’t want to give your rabbits too many treats. They need a balanced diet, and unfortunately, treats don’t have a big part in the diet. Yes, even how healthy or unhealthy a treat may be.

It might be the best time to note that their diet needs to be mostly hay. Still, it doesn’t mean you should only give the little critters that. That’s no fun! Your rabbit’s mental health is also important as its physical health. So, generally, you want treats in their diet, but not too much.

When Not to Feed Collard Greens to Your Rabbit

can rabbits eat turnip greens

On the other hand, sometimes you don’t want to give your rabbits any collard greens.

For example, when your rabbit is experiencing any kidney or bladder problems. With the amount of calcium this veggie has, it could make things worse.

It might be the best time to note that whatever health problem your rabbit is facing, it might be best to ask for the advice of a vet on what your rabbit should and should not eat for the mean time. As you can see, an innocent-looking veggie could make the problem worse.

Clean Your Rabbit’s Hutch

Finally, don’t forget to clean your rabbit’s hutch or cage after the little one finishes eating. Rabbits may be one of the most adorable eaters, but unfortunately, they are not the cleanest ones.

With the form of the collard greens, you might think it would be alright to leave them there. However, that’s not ideal. It could rot, and rotting fruits and veggies could spell bad news for your little one.


Can rabbits eat collard greens? Today, we talked all about rabbits and collard greens.

First, we discussed if they could eat this veggie where we learned that, yes, they can! They can eat this vegetable whether it is cooked or uncooked. However, there are some reservations when you plan on serving this veggie to your rabbits cooked.

After that, we went on to talk about if rabbits like this vegetable. Also, if it is good for them. Here, we learned that rabbits generally tend to like any treat. However, like humans, different rabbits also have different preferences. Additionally, we discussed that collard greens could be good for them. Too good, even.

Finally, we talked about the cautions you want to keep in mind when feeding this treat to your rabbits. We hope we got to help! Feel free to visit again if you have other questions like this one!

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