Are Rabbits A Good Pet? (Pros & Cons)

Dogs, cats, birds, and fishes are the common pets every household has. Though these days, several people also consider getting a rabbit as a pet. While considering getting one, they will often think something like, “are rabbits good pets?”. If you are one of those people who are unsure whether it is worth it to get one, read through the article below to find out.

What are rabbits?

are bunnies good pets

There are a lot of rabbit breeds that you can choose from to become your household pet. They all come in different shapes, sizes, features, and personalities. The common rabbits are usually small and fluffy, so it can be pretty challenging to take care of them, especially for a first-time rabbit owner.

Are rabbits a good pet?

Yes, rabbits are a good pet. These days, rabbits belong to the list, one of the top 10 animals considered the best household pet. This animal is also deemed to be highly intellectual and tends to be curious about almost everything. Thus, they can be very social and active.

Moreover, rabbits can be clingy and affectionate to their owners once they get comfortable with you. They can get very timid and cautious at first since they are naturally conscious of their surroundings because they have always been prey.

It does not take much time to learn about the characteristics of the rabbits and their body language. It is not difficult to understand why more and more people consider getting a rabbit as a pet. Though they can be a perfect pet, owning one takes a lot of responsibility.

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Rabbit as a Pet

Dogs and cats are the top two most common household pets, respectively. And if you do not want to go with the norms, you may want to consider other animals, such as rabbits. There are many reasons why rabbits also make a good pet and why you should consider getting one.

Listed below are the reasons why you should consider a rabbit as a pet:

Rabbits are charming

rabbits as house pets

Just by looking at the physical features of a rabbit, they can be as charming and as adorable, just like your cats and dogs. They enjoy being taken care of and getting back massages or belly rubs with their pet owners. Or a simple pat on its head.

They are also fluffy and can be pretty squishy and huggable, even if they are tiny. The coat and the fur are very soft, especially when you always comb them. It gets softer even more. Furthermore, the distinct big front teeth or their incisors and the long and erect ears, though sometimes floppy, make them more charming.

It can also give you a questioning look similar to a puppy that does a “puppy’s eyes whenever it gets curious. By this time, you are already trying to stop yourself from squishing them because of cuteness overload!

Rabbits are good with kids

Rabbits are also good with kids. You will not have a hard time taking care of them or worrying when they are left alone with your kids. Though, by kids, we mean a little older. It is not advisable to leave your pet rabbit and your toddler or your kid at ages 5 to 7 with your pet rabbit unattended.

Again, rabbits are also considered fragile pets because of their size. It requires knowledge of proper handling. Therefore, to ensure your pet rabbit and your kid’s safety, teach kids how to care for them and handle them properly.

Rabbits are a great buddy and highly sociable

do bunnies make good pets

Though rabbits are small, they are deemed to be one of the household pets that are also highly sociable and a great buddy. They will show you how much they like you, especially if you have bonded with them for quite some time already. Once you understand their preferences and body language, you will not have difficulty socializing with them.

Its social energy is not limited to its human owners. Rabbits know how to socialize with other household pets, such as dogs and cats, especially when they have a calm and compatible temperament. Thus, you can consider their characteristics if you have an existing household pet and want to add a rabbit.

Rabbits are gentle and quiet

One of the many tiny prey animals is the rabbit. And as a result, they are naturally gentle and quiet. But this will not be a problem. Just give them time to adjust until they get very comfortable with you.

They are naturally quiet, and it is rare when it makes a sound of their own, primarily a thumping sound. Seeing your rabbits thumping would mean they are frustrated or scared. They are not as loud or as hyper as a dog and cat. Hence, this will not be a problem. Especially to those who are considering getting a pet rabbit who lives in a condominium or apartment

Rabbits have unique and good personalities

are rabbits good pets

There are different rabbit breeds, and each is unique when it comes to personality. You can research their character, especially when you consider getting one, to ensure that they best suits you as their owner.

Rabbits’ personalities vary from being highly sociable, extremely active and energetic, either dependent or very independent, and some can be very affectionate to their humans. Though, there are also a small number of rabbits that can be very shy and tranquil.

Rabbits are smart

Not everyone knows this, but rabbits are small but terrible. They are smart. Thus, they can quickly learn new and many tricks when being trained. Also, they know how the litterbox works, just like how cats use it.

There are no specifics or tips on training your rabbit because the method is pretty much similar to how you train other animals, especially household pets. Just ensure the consistency of training lessons each day.

3 Questions to Think About While Deciding to get a pet Rabbit

rabbits as pets indoors

Similar to what most pet owners do when choosing a cat and a dog as a pet, there are many things you should consider when choosing a pet rabbit. Of course, being a fur parent is a responsibility. It is not always fun and exciting because you should be able to know how to raise a rabbit well.

What rabbit breed should I get?

When deciding to get a rabbit, make sure you have already asked yourself what rabbit breed you should get. You can check different rabbit breeds and match their personality with yours or have a preferences checklist.

Am I mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to get a pet rabbit?

Owning a pet rabbit has a considerable responsibility, similar to owning cats, dogs, and fish. Therefore, you must be mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to own one.

You have to be responsible enough for how to care for them and provide them with a good environment. You should also be able to reciprocate the affection they give towards you.

Am I financially able to take care of a rabbit?

Though the price of a rabbit, either you adopt or buy from a pet shop, is relatively low compared to different dog and cat breeds. However, being financially able enough is also needed for you to buy their necessities and veterinary visits when required.

Where can you get a rabbit as a pet?

You are pretty lucky if you already know someone who owns a pet rabbit and is willing to spare you the kittens of a doe that this person owns. But, do not worry if no one is willing to give you a rabbit to become your pet because you have two options on where to get one.

You can either adopt a rabbit in a pet rescue shelter, which by the way, is highly recommended. Or, if you cannot find your preferred rabbit breed in a shelter, you can also opt to purchase it in a pet shop.

6 Things to prepare when getting a pet rabbit

do rabbits make good house pets

When you have finally decided to get a rabbit to become your household pet, you must be knowledgeable about how to care for them properly and their personality. With this, it will be beneficial and easy for you to raise one.

Moreover, if you have also decided whether you buy or adopt a pet rabbit (we highly recommend that you adopt and not shop), make sure that you have at least prepared the things you need.

Listed below are the things that should be ready even before your furbaby rabbit finally arrives at its new home. You can create a checklist so it will be easier for you to look out for what you may have missed.

Cage or a pen house

Depending on your preference, you can either purchase a fixed case or an adjustable pen house.

Litter Box

The litter box is essential because this serves as the rabbit’s toilet. This is where they usually poop and pee.

A litter training tutorial is helpful, especially for new rabbit pet owners.

Hay Feeder

A hay feeder is a good organizer for the hay that rabbit often eats. Moreover, it helps prevent the hay from cluttering your rabbit’s living area. [26 Fun and Easy DIY Rabbit Feeders]

Food Bowl

There is no specific food bowl required. This depends on your preference, and you can also use the same design for the food bowl for your cats and dogs.

Water Bowl

Your rabbits need to get hydrated, especially during summer. Thus, make sure that you provide a water bowl that is often filled with fresh and clean water.


Though the hay and the carrot are typical rabbit food, it is advisable that you provide them with different varieties to have options.

Optional such as the following:

  • Baseboard and a furniture protection
  • Chair Mat
  • Chew toys
  • Nail Clipper
  • Wire Cover

6 Tips for How to Properly Care for your Pet Rabbit

are bunnies hard to take care of

Below are the tips for how to care for your precious little creature properly:

Provide vaccine shots

Like any other household pet, you must bring your newly purchased or adopted pet rabbit to the veterinary clinic to have its health condition checked. In addition, if they are still a few months old, they need to get their much-needed vaccine shots to be immune from different kinds of rabbit diseases that may risk their life.

Provide a comfortable shelter

Provide a shelter for your rabbit that best suits their personality so they can get very comfortable with it. However, most owners bring their pet rabbits inside their home, which can also be a good idea to feel like a family.

Provide a healthy and balanced diet

Make sure that you allow your pet rabbit to have a balanced diet to have a healthy lifestyle and receive the required nutrients they need each day.

Provide pamper time

You must bring your furbaby to a pet shop and have their nails trimmed and fur groomed from time to time. Grooming is needed chiefly during summer so they will not feel extremely hot.

Though it does not necessarily mean that you always bring them to the grooming shop, you can also buy pet materials and have them pampered at home.

Provide access to freshwater

Hydration is important. Thus, provide a water bowl or a water bottle feeder filled with clean and fresh water accessible to them.

Provide a clean play area

Rabbits are clean animals, but they can be very playful. Therefore, make sure that you provide them with a clean and decluttered play area where they can roam around a play area with no heavy materials that can risk their safety.


We hope that the big question “are rabbits good pets?” in your mind is already answered. Now that you have learned a lot about how rabbits are as a pet and how you should act to become a responsible pet owner, make sure that you always keep in mind the things mentioned in this article.

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