Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn? (Nutrition, Benefits, & Feeding Tips)

For most fur parents, their pets are like family. Sometimes, it’s tempting to give our pet rabbits snacks that humans enjoy, like popcorn. You may be wondering, can rabbits eat popcorn? Is it safe to share it with them? Find out the answers in this article for a safer snacktime for your bunnies.

Can you feed popcorn to rabbits?

can bunnies eat popcorn

Rabbits are not very hard to please. If you offer them any food, they would happily oblige. However, not all snacks are safe to eat, and popcorn is one of the unsafe options. It would be best to avoid giving it to your bunnies even accidentally.

Rabbits can’t eat any popcorn in any form. Unpopped, popped, unseasoned, or flavored popcorn are all dangerous for them. Even fresh, cooked, or raw corn is also not safe for their health.

It’s best not to give popcorn even as an occasional snack. A few nibbles here and there might pile up until they can’t handle them anymore. It’s important to note that rabbits can’t digest a kernel’s hulls.

TRabbits won’t benefit from any nutritional value since they would only be getting empty calories. In addition, flavored and seasoned popcorn has high sugar and salt content.

Can rabbits benefit from popcorn?

Unfortunately, rabbits do not benefit anything from eating popcorn. They might momentarily feel good about tasting something savory or sweet. However, it’s not worth the health risk they might experience afterward.

Remember that popcorn is still junk food. Most animals can’t process junk food like humans. They can impact your bunny’s health in an instant.

Why can’t you feed rabbits popcorn?

A rabbit’s digestive system can handle hay best. It is why its diet needs to be at least 80% hay. The other 20% needs to be fruits and vegetables that they can digest. Popcorn, corn on the cob, or shredded corn do not belong to the recommended supplementary meals for rabbits.

Corn kernels are classified as grains, and a rabbit’s digestive juices cannot break down the kernel’s hard shell. The popcorn’s sharp hulls and unusual shape may damage the bunny’s intestine and stomach lining.

Some people believe that grains can help rabbits grow stouter and faster. However, it can even be harmful to their delicate digestive tract. Rabbits have a unique digestive system, so anything other than the usual hay and vegetables can ruin the whole system.

Can a rabbit get sick from eating popcorn?

can rabbits have popcorn

A  kernel or two in a rabbit’s lifetime may be harmless. However, it might be a problem if it eats several kernels in one sitting or a few pieces consecutively. Consumption of popcorn might lead to the following health conditions.

Gastrointestinal Stasis

Popcorn can obstruct a rabbit’s digestive tract or block its cecum ( a part in the digestive system that creates cecotropes). Bunnies have difficulty breaking down and digesting popcorn, hence the blockage. Additionally, since popcorn is not compatible with their biological makeup, eating it might lead to gut bacteria imbalance.

These conditions can lead to Gastrointestinal Stasis (G.I. Statis). It is a common yet severe condition primarily found in domestic rabbits. It happens when food slows down or stops moving through the G.I. tract. The leading cause is a disruption in the rabbit’s intestinal flora.

Another reason is when hard-to-digest food such as popcorn stays and decays in the stomach.

This condition has a domino effect on the rabbit’s overall well-being, especially when not treated immediately. Rabbits will lose their appetite since they’re nursing a painful stomach. If they refuse to eat hay or any fibrous food, the blockage will not budge.

Even if corn has a good amount of fiber, a rabbit’s digestive acid can’t break it down to extract the good stuff.

Gastrointestinal Stasis (G.I. Stasis) can cause death in rabbits. However, medical intervention can reduce the risks of fatality. A veterinarian can prescribe medicines to stimulate the digestive system. Other medications, fluid injections, and a proper diet can help heal this disease.

This video shows everything you need to know about G.I. stasis.


Gasses tend to build up in the rabbit’s stomach when something is blocking their gastrointestinal tract. Since they cannot burp or throw up, their stomach bloats. Sometimes these gasses come from natural body functions such as digestion and fermentation.

However, when harmful bacteria such as those coming from undigested popcorn go out of control, the rabbit’s stomach produces too much gas. This gas build-up can be very painful, and the rabbit cannot release it. The pain won’t go away unless the blockage is resolved.

Watch this video if your rabbit has a bloated stomach.


Why is popcorn not suitable for rabbits?

bunny eating popcorn

Popcorn may be a favorite and somewhat harmless snack for humans, but it can be dangerous to rabbits. Even if it’s made from natural ingredients, it has elements incompatible with a bunny’s digestion.

It Lacks Any Nutritional Value

Popcorn does not provide any nutrients that can benefit a rabbit’s health. Corn may have some fiber content, but it’s not significant enough to impact positively. Besides, a rabbit cannot digest and extract the fiber of a corn kernel.

Popcorn also has a high carbohydrate content. Unlike humans and other animals, rabbits don’t need too many carbohydrates to function. If you include popcorn in their diet, they’ll gain unnecessary weight. It can cause joint issues, heart disease, and obesity.

It Contains Salt, Oil, and Sugar that Rabbits Don’t Need

Most popcorn is usually cooked with butter or oil and salt. These ingredients may cause diseases in a rabbit. Bunnies can’t digest fats, so they’re prone to digestive issues when they consume popcorn.

The starches in popcorn and the added sweet flavorings contain sugar which can cause weight gain in rabbits. Excess sugar can disrupt the gastrointestinal flora’s normal function, leading to G.I. stasis.

Additionally, rabbits don’t need salt in their diet. A rabbit can get all the salt it needs from its usual food. Any excess sodium can lead to several health issues.

It Has an Irregular Shape

A popcorn’s irregular shape can be a choking hazard. Its sharp edges can also damage their stomach and intestinal lining. Furthermore, some popcorn pieces have unpopped kernels, which can be very difficult to digest.

Indigestion can lead to impaction. The food cannot pass through the gastrointestinal tract, causing a severe blockage. Food and feces will keep collecting in their stomach when this happens, leading to painful health problems.

It Can Make Rabbits Lose Their Appetite

If you give popcorn in between meals, the rabbit may lose its appetite for hay. Rabbits need plenty of hay to be healthy. If they lose their interest in the hay, they will suffer malnutrition and other health issues.

Should I worry if my rabbit ate popcorn?

can rabbits eat popcorn kernels

If your rabbit accidentally ate some popcorn, don’t worry. Popcorn isn’t toxic, so there’s no need to panic. However, if the bunny consumed a handful, you need to observe it for 24 hours to see if they’re okay.

What can I do if my rabbit ate popcorn?

  1. Keep an eye on how they’re eating, drinking, behaving, and pooping. Suppose you feel that something isn’t right in any of the mentioned activities. In that case, it’s best to bring them to the veterinarian immediately.
  2. Feed them a lot of hay so that the extra fiber can immediately flush out the popcorn from their bodies.
  3. Give your rabbit water if it’s coughing or struggling after eating popcorn. Bring it to the vet clinic immediately if the coughing does not stop.
  4. Even if it’s not coughing, still provide clean and fresh water. The excess salt can make it very thirsty and uncomfortable.
  5. If you think your rabbit consumed too much popcorn, watch out for unusual signs. These may include uncontrollable urine, excessive drooling, and other unusual behavior. Don’t waste any time and bring your pet for a medical consultation.
  6. If the rabbit ate chocolate-covered popcorn, it might be exposed to food poisoning. Watch out for diarrhea and other changes in its behavior. Again, a visit to the vet can help you resolve these health issues.

Can I give popcorn to rabbits occasionally?

A few pieces on infrequent occasions are not bad. If you want your furry friend to enjoy the popcorn’s goodness, you should practice the following safety precautions.

  • Make sure to prepare them yourself to know that the snack is clean and free from harmful additives.
  • Skip the sugar, salt, or butter. It’s best to air fry the popcorn if possible.
  • Give the popcorn one kernel at a time. There should be a few minutes of an interval between each piece.
  • Limit their intake to three to five pieces. Never leave the whole bag beside them unattended.
  • Remove any unpopped kernels to prevent any choking incidences.
  • Stay with them while they’re eating popcorn.


So, can rabbits eat popcorn? The safest answer is no. This popular snack can be harmful to rabbits, as their digestive system is not compatible with the corn kernel’s fiber content. It’s not worth risking your rabbit’s health for a snack. Many alternatives such as hay, fruits, and vegetables are safe for your bunnies to consume.

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