3 Most Common Places Do Rabbits Live

Any animal, including rabbits, love to have a space where they can freely do what they want, where they can eat and rest freely without worrying about being hunted and killed. But what do they consider as a safe place? Where do rabbits live?

What Rabbits Love to Do?

Before we check where they live, let us determine first what rabbits love to do or probably love to have. By understanding this, we will have an idea or can easily find where rabbits live.

Among the many things that rabbits love to do, the most common things they usually do when they have their own space are dig, speed run, and flop. What does it mean, and what is its relevance to where do rabbits live?

Rabbits 3 Most Common Behaviors

Each animal has specific behaviors regardless of its breed and type. For rabbits, we managed to summarize it into three.

They dig a lot

They dig a lot

There are several reasons why rabbits dig. For one, they want to create a place where they can feel safe. But most of the time, they dig for fun. Rabbits dig whenever, wherever.

They love to speed run

They love to speed run

One thing that rabbits love to do is run. But it’s not just the typical normal run. They love to speed run for no reason. They are like excited dogs who want to release all their stored energy.

Speed-running is normal behavior. But this trait can also indicate what they exactly feel inside. It might represent their happiness, playfulness, or fear. Regardless, the rabbits must have enough space where they can freely run.

They flop and chill

They flop and chill


Rabbits are naturally happy creatures. You will usually see them jumping or doing something. You will seldom see them sitting, resting, or sleeping unless they are kept in a small cage, where they can barely move around.

However, don’t freak out if you see the rabbits flopping. It just means that the area they are in is safe. Rabbit flopping is a sign that they are happy, relaxed, and comfortable in the place where they live.

Where Do Rabbits Live: Wild Rabbits

Rabbits exist almost anywhere in the world, and with their ability to produce kittens multiple times in a year, they indeed, are around millions of them living in warrens. They are commonly found in the woods or anywhere where there is grass.

Let us get to know more about where do rabbits live.


Rabbit Burrows

Wild rabbits love to stay in one specific place that they can call home. You can mostly see rabbit holes or burrows near a big tree or grass that will shed them from extreme climate temperature.

All-year-round rabbits stay in their burrows in spring, summer, winter, or fall. The burrows they dug up protect them from the scorching heat of summer, heatstroke, and other health and medical issues.

Since the rabbits cannot sweat, the burrow’s cool temperature helps them stay normal. The same goes during winter or colder season, and the burrow gives the warmth that they need. The rabbits will survive in their burrows no matter what the climate or temperature is.

Hollow Logs

Rabbit Hollow Logs


You may also find them in hollow logs, or anywhere they find a good temperature, or they feel comfortable. Hollow logs are perfect for them since they protect them from most predators that hunt them.

Another reason why rabbits love hollow logs is that they can safely put and leave their babies while they look for food.


rabbit Bushes

Rabbits love grassland, bushes, and yards. They simply love grass, and they love the idea that when there is grassland, there is food. We can’t blame them, though, as their favorite carrot grows underground. Apart from this, rabbits also love a select few shrubs and ornamental plants.

Where Do Rabbits Live: Domesticated Rabbits

The word domesticated rabbit is overrated. Rabbits are one of the select few animals that can barely be domesticated. Don’t get us wrong, rabbits are happy and carefree creatures, but they can’t be as tame as cats and dogs. It is not because of their temperament but their nature.

Plus, the chances of surviving a year-round climate only apply to the wild rabbits. Do you know why? Rabbits have a powerful survival instinct when in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, pet rabbits can’t use their survival instincts as their lives depend on their owner.

Cages and Pens

Unlike wild rabbits, pet rabbits cannot choose a home of their own. They cannot burrow whenever they want, nor hunt for food whenever they are hungry. Their owner must build one for them. They may live in a cage, in pen, or they may freely roam around their owner’s house.

The problem with cages and pens is that sometimes owners put them in direct sunlight, where rain or snowfall directly into the cage. For house rabbits, their owners must put their cages and pens in more excellent areas or in a place where there is a shade.

Some rabbit owners move their pet’s cages inside the house to keep their temperature normal. This is why the survival rate of domesticated rabbits is lower than wild rabbits.

Where Do Rabbits Live: Domesticated Rabbits Ideal Place

Where Do Rabbits Live Domesticated Rabbits Ideal Place

Here are the things that you need to have for your rabbit:

 Rabbit-safe space

If you have a pet rabbit, you should give them enough rabbit-safe space to do activities like digging holes and speed-running. These activities are natural to them and can be seen as exercises too.

Thus, if you do not have a rabbit yet, you may first want to check your place. Is your place rabbit-safe? Is it rabbit-proof? Can rabbits freely run and dig in your place? The answers to the above questions will determine whether or not you should get a rabbit.

Ideal Body Temperature for Rabbits

Keep in mind that rabbits need to preserve their body temperature between 55.4° Fahrenheit and 69.8° Fahrenheit. Thus, you must consider the distance of the cage from the ground, the materials, the design, and the location. Also, the place must not be too humid or too dry.

Domesticated Rabbits Helpful Tips

After you build the ideal cage that can withstand the summer heat, you may also elevate your beloved pets living conditions during summer by putting an ice block near their cage to keep the environment’s temperature cool.

Or, you may put a frozen or cold-water bottle near the rabbits to maintain their average body temperature.

As for cage maintenance, you must check their place frequently, especially during summer. You must also keep the rabbits clean every day. Remove any wet feces, hay, or litter sticking to the rabbits immediately as this may cause bacterial buildup.

Rabbits are low-maintenance pets, but they need extra care from their owners. In fact, most rabbit owners said that they usually check their rabbits at least three times a day.

For additional rabbit-raising tips, click this video:

Where Do Rabbits Live: Things You Should Know

Rabbits are adorable fluffy little creatures from the Leporidae family with over 25 different kinds. These rabbits are known to be native to Europe and Africa. The most common type of these rabbits is the European rabbits introduced to most countries around the world.

Rabbit Height and Weight

Though these rabbits have been spread to different habitats and may have been bred with other rabbit species, they have similar characteristics and look alike. They grow from 7 inches to 20 inches and weigh 10 lbs.

Rabbit Temperamet

Rabbits are highly sociable animals who love to be with their kind. Though they are hierarchal, they still cooperate and live in harmony. They usually live with their fellow rabbits to form a colony with burrows that go as deep as 3 meters.

When it comes to food hunting, they usually go out with little to no light to avoid getting eaten by their predators. And if one of them wants to look good, they can just ask their fellow rabbit for a quick groom service.


Rabbits are herbivores animals. They love hay, vegetables, flowers, fruits, seeds, and even twigs. Rabbits are also known to stock food in their burrows, a common trait for most animals.

This trait helps the rabbits survive every winter when there is little to no food available.


Over the years, rabbits have evolved to adapt to their natural habitat. This allows them to develop more muscular limbs that let them jump up to 1.2 meters and leap up to 2.7 meters.

Rabbits Fun-Fact

We have run through where the rabbits live, but do you know that some folktales and myths say that rabbits live on the moon? That’s right! And here’s a little activity for you click here to read one of those stories. Or you may check this article for more bunny fun facts.

You may also watch this video to know them more:


Rabbits can become the best pets at home. However, you must also look for their welfare, including their living conditions and mental health. Rabbits are very sensitive creatures. Thus, if you want them to live longer, you must meet their basic needs.

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